Macroscan (animated) – Cicada (Cicadoidea Hemiptera)



This is a 3d scan (macroscan) of an actual Cicada (Cicadoidea Hemiptera). It comes with 10 pre-made animations to get you started in your project. The asset is best viewed in VR where its size and dramatic appearance can be fully appreciated – it can be viewed at up to 100 times its original length without loss of texture detail. The asset is ideal for anyone who needs an insect scan for immediate use or as the basis for a new creature.

vert count – 1.8M | texture qty 14 | 8 x 4096 and 6 x 4096

A video of the asset can be seen here.

****IMPORTANT – The supplied files are in an Unreal project (version 4.22) – the asset can be exported as an FBX if required. ****